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hehe - how can you change your fate?

Apr. 27th, 2004 06:14 pm hehe

ok so i have these pants...there not REALLY mine but hey! my friend gave them to me for a month or so....im pretty happy bout that! so yeah... my other friend chloe (who lives down the hall from me) was drawing on them while we were talking about how i was selling myself to the guy that i like (all because i was going to go to some game so that i could see him) but...yeah...anyway... hehe she wrote 99cents on my belly and WHORE right next to it....if you ask me going and watching a game isnt selling yourself...right? well anyway... she also drew this really hilariously bad picture of Santa Clause...its soooo great! Sigh...i guess i dont have a whole lot to talk about but... im really excited becasue my mom is buying me an Ani Defranco CD (Little Plastic Castle) it is such a great CD! If you havent heard of her or havent heard her songs you really should because they are incredible! I cant explain who happy i am! sigh....8 minutes till dinner....I AM SOOOO HUNGRY!!! i think that im hungry 24/7...maybe thats why my stomuch is so0o0o0o00o0o big!
well i should prolly go cause...well...just cause...
omg i just remembered!
my friend was talking to my friend who moved to Oregon [i know, tear tear :(] he was calling from some mountin while he was stoned because the police that arrested him before were there...and well i thought it was funny...maybe you dont but i do! WOW i really miss him now....but hes alllllllways stoned so even though stoned people are funny (i guess) i think that i would like to see him when he isnt stoned! he even goes to school stoned! hes so weird and funny and crazy and awsome all at the same time! i think i could marry him....to bad hes gay!

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